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  Exterior Home Improvement UK Providing the exterior wall finish of your choice.
                        House rendering, Tyrolean render, Brickwork pointing                
                                 Smooth Wall coatings / Textured Wall coatings           
                                     The alternative to exterior painting
                                   Property Renovation maintenance free
                                                           Exterior wall coatings process
                         wall coating preparation    textured wallcoating
            No more exterior painting No more building repairs, No more damp walls
                                           Exterior wall coatings
                               We can transform the appearance of any wall surface  
  • Pebbledash resurfacing and repair give that pebbledash a new look in your choice of colour.
  • Brickwork/Stonework repair, pointing using traditional and modern day building materials.
  • Exterior rendering, render repairs, building repairs                                   
  • Mismatched wall surfaces made uniform, blend extensions to match existing wall surface.
  • Pebble-dash removal and replace with smooth render or through coloured render         
                                 Exterior wall coatings preparation
Thorough preparation is essential prior to the application of our wall coating products, all
surfaces are inspected for cracks, blown render, flaky paint, crumbling pointing, spalling brickwork, rising damp and other defects before applying our wall coatings.                 
These problems must be repaired to ensure the long life of our wall coating products.
All surfaces are power washed and all algae, mould, moss is removed, all windows, doors,areas no to be treated will be marsked up, floors and adjacent structures will be protected  care is taken with any plant life. Textured wallcoating comes in course, medium, fine and a smooth wall coating and comes in a range of attractive colours maintenance free.
        We also supply a clear weatherproof wall coating for brick and stone protection.
          NeedleGunning - This is essential on previously painted walls, it will effectively remove all loose
                                                  flaky paint often revealing hidden cracks. Power washing is just as effective
                                                  and a lot faster.      
       Needle Gunning  after needle gun 1  after bagging coat tyrolean  textured coating 3 
       Opening Cracks- This is important, opening them up, taking them back to the original substrate
                                            the cracks are then filled using specialised filler which will prevent re-appearence
                                  after applying our wall coatings.

    Grinding Out Cracks    cracks   cracks around soil pipe    Cracks repaired                                                                          

             Blown Render -   All areas are hammer tested for blown and defective render, these areas are
                                                       removed then replaced during renovation.
    removed defective render    render repairs    Blown render, cracks    Blown render removed
              Stabilise -    A bagging coat is brush applied depending on the surface this is a mixture of
                                             sand and cement mixed with SBR or PVA this will give a firm key prior to our
                                             primer undercoat which is roller or brush applied.
     bagging coat side    bagging coat   bonding coat on property    tyrolean 
               Final Coat -   The final coating is spray applied at high pressure 20 times thicker
                                               than ordinary paint, now your property is weatherproof and maintenance free!
    textured wall coating side    back of house finished    textured wallcoating back    textured wall coating side wall                        
Our years of experience in wall coating enables us to produce high quality work
Guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years with a life expectancy of 30 years
giving you excellent value for money.
                               No more building repairs. No more exterior painting
                                           Exterior wall coating experts
                                       Residential and Commercial 
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