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                                    Expertex Exterior Wall Coatings

                             Renovating and protecting exterior walls


     Our product can be applied to pebbledash, rough-cast, render, brickwork, stonework, Blockwork
      New builds.  
                                                  Textured wall coating
      Our products contain a mixture of ingredients : Thermoplastic resins incorporating butadiene and acrylic
      monomers, titanium and iron oxide pigments offering exellent colour retention, comes in various size
      particles of granicalcium are used to give an extremely durable long-term wall coating, the coating also
      contains a fungicide which means no algae will form once applied, and the wall coating is self cleaning.
      Our  products,  providing the preparation and applications are done correctly will last 20 to 30 years and
      is maintenance free.  Our exterior wall coatings can be applied all year round,  Touch dry in 12 hours 
      and takes between 2 to 3 weeks to fully cure.
      Our smooth wall coating contains pliolite which makes it ideal for preventing penetrating damp,
      waterproofing weather walls and is availible in a wide range of colours.  
     Our exterior walls are under constant attack from the eliments all year round, wind driven rain,
      frost, snow, acid rain and allowing water to penetrate the surface often causing damp wall problems.
     Our specialist products are micro-porous this prevents water penetration but allows for moisture to 
     evaperate, tough enough to withstand the harshest of weather, yet flexible enough to allow for movement
     and will not crack, chip, flack or peel.    
      Decorative, flexible, economical and long lasting protection specially designed for exterior walls.
      Here is an example of a pebble-dashed house that needed the defective pebble-dash removed
      we then applied a sand/cement based tyrolean render before a final spray coating in the customers
      choice of coloured finish.
                  Pebbledash house                Pebbledash house after wall coating


       Clear Wall Coating for Brickwork, Stonework, Pebble dash and Render products.  
                                                       brick after clear wallcoating
     OurClear Coat is a highly effective waterproofing liquid based on an active Alkoxysilane.
      Conventional treatments have often relied on exterior proofing by applying a silicone solution-
      usually in a flammable solvent carrier base.
     This technique can be expensive, hazardous and limited and should not be used on fresh ‘green’ concrete.
     Also the ‘pore lining’ character of silicones can make the problem worse by channelling moisture into the lined pores,
     particularly from driven  rain or exposed salt laden rain in coastal areas.

    Clear coat overcomes these problems and provides a reliable, water repellent micro porous finish

     In addition, the ingress of dirt laden moisture is prevented, keeping the structure or building cleaner and dryer

     and therefore minimising the risk of face spalling through the action of frost.

     The water barrier supplied by the repellent also aids insulation.

    Untreated areas that are saturated with water have a very high thermal conductivity.

    This not only results in general heat loss, but generates an extra cooling effect by producing vapour which surrounds the building.

         K-rend is a synthetic through coloured render.
                               Coloured Render