Exterior wall coatings, tyrolean render, pebble-dash, rendering exterior render repairs

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                                 Expertex Exterior Wall Coatings
                                     Renovation and protection
          Taking care of  your exterior walls with Exterior weatherproof wall coatings                                                              
          Render, pebble-dash, tyrolean render, stucco, rough-cast, brickwork, stonework
 Pebble-dash repairs, damaged defective rendering, cracks, flaky paint, uneven render, mismatched walls
 repairs around windows, doors, pipes, we also remove pebbledash/roughcast and renovate brickwork
         Some examples of  repair work carried out before the application of our exterior wall coatings 
               The picture below shows resurfacing pebble-dash with a sand/cement tyrolean render
                                                       Pebble-dash resurfacing          
                       Tyrolean render on front of house   Pebbledash house after tyrolean render
              After applying tyrolean render a bagging coat and primer is then applied followed by a spray
              applied coating in the colour of your choice
                                                    Typical problems with outside wall coverings
        Blown render, cracks  remainder of ivy which was removed  major crack which caused damp   major crack repaired         
             pebble-dash repairs  primer coat  Cracks repaired  Grinding Out Cracks               
        tyrolean  Needle Gunning  plinth  repairs around doors
         coating pebbledash  bagging coat prior to primer  Back of house tyrolean  priming after repairs
         repair work  repairing lower area of pebble-dash  repairs to bell drip  repaired bell drip  
          side wall coating finished  textured wallcoating
     What ever problem you have with your exterior walls we can renovate them in the exterior finish of
        your choice,  smooth render,  sand/ cement tyrolean render , spray applied wall coatings.
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