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                                           Exterior property renovation
Providing wall coverings of your choice including coloured render Monocouch and 
K-rend scratch back render which is through coloured so once applied their is no need for painting.
Totally waterproof and flexible and provides a high level of insulation and is maintenance free.
            Smooth Rendering, Pointing, Tyrolean render Pebble-dash Resurfacing
 removed blown render removed defective render renovation in progress renovation complete 
Does your property look like it needs a makeover are your exterior walls uneven or just worn out  maybe you've had a new extension or windows fitted and you want it all looking uniform.
What ever the problem with your exterior property walls we can repair and renovate, out dated pebble dash, balding and full of cracks, uneven rendering repairs,spalling brickwork, crumbling pointing, chimney repairs, re-pointing, property renovation maintenance free wall coatings.
A full inspection of your property walls would need to be carried out to assess the extent of any repair work needed and advise you on the course of action.
Blown render  the best way to check this is to run a small hammer over your exterior walls if you hear deeper hollow sounds then your exterior walls have blown. Water has penetrated the the render through holes, cracks, these areas need repairing to prevent damp wall problems, penetrating damp which could lead interior damp walls re-plastering and re-decoration costs 
             Exterior property Renovation, no more building maintenance
   renovation after needle gunning   renovation on front   tyrolean   renovation on front complete   
This applies to all defective surfaces which is allowing moisture to penetrate through porous walls, chimneys are more exposed to the eliments and prone to deteriation.
With our property renovation and wall coatings system your exterior property walls and chimneys will be weatherproof and maintenance free for years and protected against the eliments.
Textured wall coating comes in course, medium and smooth wall coating,  we also supply a clear weatherproof wall coating for brick and stone.
                                           finished renovation
      We take pride in our work so you can be proud of your home we like to add
      finishing touches which makes your home complete and maintenance free.              
                                      Exterior property renovation
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