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Brickwork repointing contractors Brickwork and Stonework repointing Lime pointing.
                          None-acidic efflorescence brick cleaning service
                          (Removes and prevents the formation of efflorescence)
                                Crumbling pointing, spalling brickwork,
Brickwork and stonework repointing using traditional and modern day materials, older building and stonework buildings require the use of lime which allowes for movement and breathing of the mortor joints. We come across buildings that have spalling bricks and crumbling pointing due to the fact that the wrong materials have been used for repointing, portland cement which sets harder than the brick/stone forcing moister out through the brickwork/stonework causing damage and often damp problems. We can repoint your brickwork/stonework with the correct material.                 
                                         Brickwork/Stonework protection
Your exterior walls are under constant weather attack leaving them damaged crumbling
pointing, spalling bricks, cracks. resulting in damp problems, our clear weatherproof
wall coating will protect your exterior walls preventing the capillary absorbtion of moisture, wall tie corrosion and eventually structural damp problems. Heat loss through a damp wall is 3 times higher than through a dry wall. Our clear weatherproof wall coating will protect your property walls and save you money.            
                                                Brickwork Efflorescence             
  Damaged brickwork, moisture has entered the brickwork then evaperates leaving behind
   salts that have cristalised( efflorescence) this is a sign of future problems.
                                         Frost Damaged Pointing
   Frost damage  Water in brick walls expands by 10% when it freezes setting up
     high pressure in the pore structure which damages the brickwork and pointing.  
  • Protection from acid rain, frost, salt, algae, moss                                                     
  • Prevents brick /stone and pointing deterioration
  • Weatherproof barrier preventing penetrating damp
  • Cleaner brick and stone no more efflorescence ( white bricks )
  • Damp proof course injection /rising damp problems
  • Weatherproof wall coating allows the walls to breath
  • DPC injection  preventing rising damp /damp walls 
  • Re-pointing brickwork/stonework re-pointing                                                                               

            Fully weatherproof clear wall coating for brick and stone buildings

We begin by removing all defective pointing and treating the area with fungicide Which kills all algae and helps us in the cleaning process, we then thoroughly clean the surface by power washing removing dirt and grime.
Efflorescence will be removed prior to the application of clear weatherproof coating
All spalling bricks and any other defective brick/stone are replaced.
We then begin repointing making sure to match existing pointing if not a full repoint
if your property is old then we use a lime mortar, after the pointing is dry enough we 
begin masking up Windows, doors and all areas not to be treated.                  
We then apply our first coat of clear wall coating this is applied using a low pressure
spray insuring that the brick or stone absorbs all the clear wallcoating we leave this
to dry for about two hours, then we apply a second coat making sure that the brick    
stone cannot absorb any more. A third coat may be required depending on how
absorbent the surface is, all masking paper is removed and all windows and doors
are cleaned. A final inspection is then made.
                                 Complete weatherproof protection            
                                            Residential and Commercial
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