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Specialising in the diagnoses and elimination of damp walls,  Penetrating damp and Rising damp,  establishing the cause of the damp and providing a long term solution to reacuring wet walls.
                          Damp walls    major crack which caused damp  
The above picture shows a crack in the painted pebble-dash which only appeared as a hairline crack but after opening up the crack it revealed a much more serious problem which was the cause of their interior damp walls.
                                                  Diagnosing damp
Damp walls are a major problem usually caused by penetrating damp and rising damp due to the poor condition of your exterior walls. Small Cracks will eventually become large cracks allowing  more water to penetrate causing the detachment of rendering finishes ( Blown Render) resulting in interior damp wall problems. Porous brickwork / stone, also allow water to penetrate which if left untreated can lead to damp walls, wall tie corrosion, dry rot, wet rot. Establishing the cause of the damp problem is high on our priority, often we find that wind driven rain on a weather wall is often the culprit and a indication as to were are survey begins.
                                                       The preventative cure
Once the root of the problem is established we then advise you as to what action is necessary in order to cure and prevent the reacurance of damp walls allowing you to replaster and decorate
your interior walls at last!
                                         Decorative and protective exterior wallcoating                          
                              Damp in house cured   Brickwork coating
                              The above pictures shows a house that has been cured of damp
The customer had a large crack in their living room ceiling which when ever it rained they they had to put buckets on the tables to catch the rain water, after locating we repaired the damp problems, we applied three different kinds protective wall coatings on different
areas of the exterior walls,  the gable end was uncoated brickwork which had spalling bricks
and crumbling pointing after repairs we applied a smooth pliolite protective wall coating.
The top half front of the house had holes in the walls and the lead flashing had come away
allowing water to enter the building also window frame sealant was defective, after repairs
we applied a clear weatherproof wall coating which would retain the look of the brickwork
and prevent absorbtion of water.
Finally the lower half of the front of the house had painted brickwork and crumbling stonework
after repair work we spray applied a textured wall coating on the brickwork and applied a smooth pliolite on the stonework surrounds. 
Another example is a gable which was subject to wind driven rain the property was situated
on Lord Wandsworth Collage grounds.                       
                               Preventing brickwork/stonework deteriation                                           
                              Exterior Protective Wall Coatings                                        
Fully weatherproof clear wall coating for brick and stone  Protecting your exterior property walls from the eliments .         
                            We specialise in the diagnoses and elimination of damp
                                                  Penetrating damp / Rising damp
                      Exterior wall renovation and building protection 
                                  Clear protective weatherproof wall coating
                                             before    before and after clear wall coating  After                                                 
                                             Making damp a thing of the past 
                             Protection from penetrating damp and rising damp
Thorough preparation is required before the application of our weatherproof products
repairing all cracks blown render defective and crumbling pointing, spalling brickwork 
                                     Our products are suitable for all surface types
             Smooth render, pebble-dash, rough-cast, tyrolean, painted and unpainted surfaces
                We also supply a Clear weatherproof wall coating for brickwork and stonework.
                                        The solution to damp wall problems
                                            Residential and Commercial                                        
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